Concept and Feasibility

Gems Design and Production Planning Fluid System Design Fluid System Concept and Feasiblility

Gems Sensors & Controls begins the Concept, Feasibility and Project Plan phase, by listening closely to our clients' needs and product performance requirements. Because Gems acts like an extension of our client’s team, understanding their objectives is critical; they are the measurement used to evaluate the project progress and success.

Gems uses this information to define the project goals, user requirements, functional specifications and develop proof of concepts demonstrating product feasibility. These concepts examine trade-offs between various design approaches and solutions and identifies potential intellectual property.

To help capture the specifications, both functional and user, Gems assembles an expert team experienced in engineering, manufacturing, quality and supply chain management. Based on decades of experience, we know the right questions to ask to develop a clear picture of the product, from function to performance to packaging.

Gems engineering team creates several concepts, evaluates each for feasibility and selects the right concept to meet our client’s objectives. We use a variety of in-house tools including:
  • Solid Modeling
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Flow Simulation

Gems project managers work with our clients to develop a project plan defining the resources and actions needed to complete the development in a timely manner with the best possible product outcome. The plan also identifies potential risks including schedule, resource and cost.