Design and Development

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Dedicated Project Team • Program Management • Communication • Design Controls • Critical Design Reviews • Design Verification • Design History File

Early in the process, Gems assembles a dedicated project team specific to the needs of each client's contractual project. The project team is responsible for meeting the project milestones and containing project costs. The team also provides our clients consistency from initiation to completion.

Both internal & external communication is critical to project success. Internally the Gems project team holds weekly meetings to review progress. Externally, in addition to team client reviews, frequently scheduled meetings are conducted and recorded as part of the formal design history file. Efficient flow of information means that issues can be dealt with as soon as they arise.

Once the concept is ready for development; Gems engineers utilize proven product design processes to successfully progress the concept to prototype. Prototypes undergo verification testing in our lab to ensure design requirements are met. Deficiencies are identified and the design is further refined.

Successful verification tests lead to a Critical Design Review/ Phase End Review and approval for Pilot Production and Validation. An engineering release puts the project documentation under formal change controls.