DM28 Meter Line

  • Easily Scaled in any Engineering Units From -19999 to 99999
  • Large 18mm (.71") High Red or Green Display
  • Front Panel MIN, MAX and Alarm Reset Functions
  • Strain Gauge Meters for Millivolt Transducers
  • Process Meters for Amplified Transducers
  • High or Low Alarms

The DM28 meter line is easily programmed to read out in any engineering units (psi, bar, Kg/cm2) and can be retro fitted in the field with plug in boards.  Units can be scaled by applying known loads to the sensors or purely by software keystrokes without requiring any electronic instrumentation.  Scaling for the meter using up to 10 points can compensate for non-linear signals and profiling curved tanks in level applications.  The display color (red or green), latching or non-latching alarms and the optional analog outputs are all programmable.  The meter also features a help character that indicates max, min, and normal operation, it also gives additional help when programming.  The DM28 meter line is available in 5 different models.


  • Medical Laboratory
  • Food and Beverage Systems
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Petrochemicals
  • Leak Detection
  • Hydraulic Reservoirs
  • Machine Tools