Warrick TA-730 Alarm Panel

Warrick TA-730 Series Alarm Panel
  • Intrinsically Safe Approved
  • Auxilliary Contact for Remote Annunciation or Cutoff
  • One or Two Channels
  • Two Conduit Connection Hubs

Warrick® TA-730 Series intrinsically safe monitoring panels solve simple tank monitoring needs. Packaged in secure 3R rated electrical enclosures, they are designed to interface with a variety of leak detection or overfill sensors. Applications include refill alarm, overfill alarm, high level alarm and leak detection. 


  • Aboveground Fuel Storage Tanks: leak detection, overfill 
  • Underground Fuel Storage Tanks: high level alarm, leak detection, piping sumps 
  • Liquid Level Alarms: high/low floats

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