FS-480 Flow Switches Feature Larger Inline Bore for Higher Flow Rates and Lower Pressure Drop

FS 480 PR Photo With port sizes up to 3/4”, the new FS-480 Series flow switches, from Gems™ Sensors Inc., are aimed at monitoring fluid systems with higher flow rates. This inline flow switch will also accommodate fluid pressures to 1,000 psi. Twenty-five percent (25%) larger than its FS-380 sibling, the FS-480 is ideal for processes that push more fluid through their systems and demand lower pressure drop. Larger Semiconductor equipment demands greater coolant and the coolant fluids (Galden) are denser than traditional DI water. This combination has forced system designers to reduce pressure drop to curtail increasing pump sizes.

Designed to accommodate the Semiconductor Industry's move to larger 300 mm wafer, the stainless steel FS-480 switch is also perfect for medical equipment applications. A glass-reinforced PPS piston and forged 316 stainless steel body makes this sensor rugged enough for lubrication and cooling systems with pressure to 1000 PSI. The inline design is more tolerant of particulate and less susceptible to sticking than other designs.
FS-480 flow switches may be mounted any attitude.

In addition to 3/4” NPT ports, the FS-480 is also available with 1/2” NPT and 1/2” Tube End Compression Fitting connection ports. Set point accuracy is ±20% maximum, with a set point differential of 20% maximum. It operates in temperatures ranging from –20°F to +250°F (-28.8°C to +121°C). Internally, the hermetically-sealed, magnetically actuated SPST reed switch is rated at 20VA; electrical termination is No. 22 AWG leads.

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