Gems Introduces New Compact Pressure Transducer Series

3100-PRPlainville CT , September 20, 2007: Gems™ Sensors & Controls (Gems), a global leader in liquid level, pressure, and flow sensors, miniature solenoid valves, and fluidic systems, introduces two new low cost pressure sensors: the 3100 and 3200 Pressure Transducers.

The 3100/3200 Series offers an all stainless-steel design, less than 1 inch in diameter, and 32 grams.  They deliver pressure sensing ranges from 0 to 30,000 psi (2,200 bar), various outputs and pressure ports, and tremendous shock and vibration specifications.  In addition, the unique temperature compensation at source technology delivers outstanding temperature stability.  The 3100/3200 series delivers a output signal for both temperature and pressure, providing full scale accuracy of 0.25%, and long term drift limited to just 0.1% over the full scale per year.

“The 3100/3200 Series is designed to provide a lifetime of accuracy for pressure and combined pressure/temperature applications, said Matt Plourd, Global Sale Manager, 3X00 Pressure Products.  Mr. Plourd continued, “The series performs in a wide range of temperature environments, and can withstand high levels of shock, vibration, and electromagnetic discharges. Gems made a significant investment into the design and development of a proprietary high performance signal conditioning ASIC, which is specifically engineered to maximize the potential of thin film sensing technology, making it an excellent choice for industrial, automotive, medical, off-highway, and marine applications.”

Mr. Plourd added, “Gems uniquely maintains beginning to end control of the design and manufacturing of these pressure sensors. Gems operates three world-class manufacturing facilities: one that fabricates the core sensor element and two locations—in the United Kingdom and a newly established manufacturing cell in North America—for the final assembly and testing of the sensors. This maximizes product consistency, quality, our capability to tailor the ASIC to each custom application requirements and globally deliver custom sensors, exactly when customers need them.”

The 3100/3200 Series transducers are available in voltage, current, or ratiometric output versions and a wide selection of electrical and mechanical connectors, pressure fittings, and mating connectors.  Gems will be showcasing the Series at the upcoming ICUEE Expo, October 16th through the 18th, in Louisville Kentucky, at Booth 800.

About Gems Sensors & Controls
Founded in 1955, Gems is a preferred supplier to thousands of OEM companies across a broad range of industries through out the world due to its extensive application knowledge, innovative sensor and miniature solenoid valve designs, and customer centric approach to problem solving to meet customer-specific needs. Gems Sensors & Controls is a leading global manufacturer of: liquid level, flow, and pressure sensors; solid-state relays and barriers; liquid and pneumaticminiature solenoid valves; and pre-assembled fluidic systems with facilities in North America, Europe, and Asia.  Gems Sensors & Controls is ISO 9000, UL, and CE certified.