New ExOsense™ Non-Intrusive Liquid Level Sensor: Sensing From Outside Plastic Containers

PLAINVILLE, CT. Gems™ Sensors & Controls introduces the new ExOsense™ non-intrusive liquid level sensor. ExOsense™ sensors utilize patented piezo resonance technology to monitor fluids from the outside of plastic containers—extensively used by medical diagnostic instrument manufacturers. Exosense

ExOsense™ attach to the outside surface of plastic bottles or containers and detect the presence or absence of fluid opposite the sensors. ExOsense™ offers easy, calibration-free installation for instant sensing —it simply affixes via a self-adhesive disc by peeling and sticking to the container.

“We developed ExOsense™ specifically to solve a need that In Vitro Diagnostic OEMs consistently requested,” said Evan Berns, Vice President, Gems Sensors & Controls. “Our focus is to eliminate fluid contamination while improving instrument uptime and maximizing container volume. The ExOsense™ product design and technology allows for maximum configurability to quickly and robustly fulfill the broad range of product specifications presented by medical OEMs.”

ExOsense™ incorporates proprietary Gems transducer technology employing piezoelectric material and the principal of acoustic impedance mismatch. When piezoelectric material is excited, it creates an acoustic signal as a function of the natural resonance of the material. This signal is directed through the bottle wall and the strength of reflected pulse is sensed by the ExOsense™ solid-state circuitry to determine the presence of fluid opposite the sensor.

Designed with diagnostic instruments in mind, the ExOsense™ senses fluid—regardless of color, such as reagents, waste, diluents, detergent/wash, coolants, saline and pure water—contained in opaque, translucent, or transparent plastic reservoirs.

About Gems Sensors & Controls
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