DIP TAPE 可视化液位指示计

These manually-operated indicators are compact and completely self-contained. They need no electricity to provide continuous indication of liquid level in storage tanks and vessels. DIPTAPE™ indicators are ideal for quick, periodic readouts that are accurate to 1/16 in. or 1 mm; especially in remote areas where power is unavailable, or undesirable. Only the float and stem contact the liquid, so the readout tape is always clean and readable.

Custom-configurable DIPTAPE™ indicators are available in a broad range of materials and mounting types in lengths to 6 ft. (1.8 m). For lengths 6 to 10 feet consult factory.


其他 可视液位指示器
PVC DIPTAPE 可视化液位指示计
  • 工作温度可达140°F (60°C) 
  • 耐压可达15 psi (1 bar)
  • 指示精确到英寸或毫米
ALL PVC Diptape Visual Indicator

合金 DIPTAPE 可视液位指示计
  • 工作温度可达300°F (148°C) 
  • 耐压750 psi (52 bar)
  • 指示计精确到英寸或毫米
Alloy Diptape Visual Indicator